Innovative technology

Through the combination of an advanced generator of the latest generation with innovative design, the Vortex enables efficient electricity generation from wind energy.


With a diameter of 600mm, Vortex combines sleek design with innovative technology.

Green innovation

The Vortex is manufactured from 80% recycled material.

Maximale Energie

The Vortex sets remarkable new standards in energy generation with a capacity of 3 kWh.


The Vortex initiates power generation starting from a wind speed of 5.4 km/h.

Ultra quiet

With its low noise level of 12-16 dB, the Vortex can also be used in residential areas.



Vortex redefines wind energy.


A safe choice for bird life.


Vortex is where performance meets silence.


Vortex protects our planet.

What Vortex does for you

Vortex is more than just a wind turbine - it's a symbol of sustainable change.

Energy efficiency
CO2 saving

Hear the
difference - everyday sounds compared

Hear the fascinating difference between the powerful vortex, of a car and an airplane.






110 - 140dB


How to install Vortex?

The installation of the Vortex is simple and straightforward. It can be connected by any licensed electrician. The installation conditions must be given by the customer in advance. The sphere can be easily mounted on their house roof or purchased stand.

Does Vortex require regular maintenance?

Vortex has been designed for low maintenance operation. However, we recommend visually checking from time to time to see if anything can interfere with operation to ensure optimum performance.

How weather resistant is Vortex?

Vortex is designed for use in various weather conditions. It is resistant to wind, rain and snow, and provides reliable power even in demanding conditions.

Can Vortex be connected to any power supply?

Vortex is designed to integrate easily with most existing power grids. For specific requirements, we recommend contacting our customer service.

Is Vortex suitable for use in residential areas?

Yes, due to an emission of 12-16db, Vortex is specifically designed to provide efficient and quiet power in a variety of environments, including residential areas.

Can Vortex be combined with other renewable energy technologies?

Absolutely. Vortex can be easily combined with other renewable energy sources such as solar panels to provide a comprehensive and versatile energy solution. However, the feed-in depends on the inverter of your old device. The supplied inverter can feed wind and photovoltaic up to a certain strength.

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