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To reduce CO2 emissions and promote nature, trees are planted per sold Vortex Windball.

Innovative Technology

Through the combination of an advanced generator of the latest generation with innovative design, the Vortex enables efficient electricity generation from wind energy.


Mit einem Durchmesser von 600mm kombiniert Vortex schlankes Design mit innovativer Technologie.

Green innovation

The Vortex is manufactured from 80% recycled material.

Model 2 3
Maximum power

The Vortex sets remarkable new standards in energy generation with a capacity of 3 kWh.


The Vortex initiates power generation starting from a wind speed of 5.4 km/h.

Ultra quiet

With its low noise level of 12-16 dB, the Vortex can also be used in residential areas.

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Innovative Startup

NRG-X is a forward-looking startup for innovative energy solutions specializing in energy production through wind power. Our passionate commitment to creating a more livable future drives us. Learn more about our company and our tailored approaches to sustainable energy supply.


Optimize your energy yield with outstanding 93% efficiency.


NRG-X aims for innovative energy solutions through novel designs.


NRG-X is actively committed to a sustainable future through the use of recycled materials.

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Vortex -Efficient
energy generation from wind

Explore Vortex, our innovative wind generator designed for efficient energy extraction from the wind. Boasting an impressive 93% efficiency and made from 80% recycled materials, Vortex stands not only as a powerhouse but also as a sustainable solution. Learn more about this technological marvel and its versatile applications for eco-friendly energy generation.

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